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The New Trend Of Small Cars

February 13th, 2014 by in Infographic with 1,697 Views

Small cars may have once been primarily associated with female drivers or with learner drivers, but that image seems to have changed over the past five or ten years. Now everybody seems to have a smart car and what’s more, they want to be seen in them too.

Coolest Small Cars - Commuter Cars Tango 600 2

Car companies like BMW have made small cars “cool” with their stylish and sleek range of Mini cars. Small cars have definitely gained popularity in recent years and when you consider the advantages associated with them, it’s not hard to see why. Easier parking and manoeuvring, affordability, and fuel efficiency, are just some of the many benefits to consider.

There is such a selection of small cars on the market now that consumers are spoilt for choice. These small delights hail from many different countries around the world; the U.S, Norway, France – these countries are all represented when it comes to small cars.

Find out about the tiniest cars out there in our infographic below – where they come from, how much they cost as well as interesting facts about them, for example, did you know that George Clooney was the first person to purchase a Tango car, and Google co-founder Sergey Brin is an investor and purchased three Tangos! Our infographic will give you the lowdown on the very smallest cars known to man as well as provide you with some intriguing quick facts on small cars that you probably never heard of before!

Courtesy of http://topquote.ie/