Stunning Landscape Photographs

The world is a beautiful place.

By: | October 31st Geography, Photography 2 Views

First Sketches of the Popular Cartoon Characters

Although some of these early drawings seem strange, distorted, and much different from the actual animation films, they are pretty interesting to look at.  …

By: | October 31st Art, Design 1 Views

Ridiculous SkyMall Products

It was once said that “there is a sucker born every minute”. That would appear to be true based on the photos in this post….

By: | October 31st General 1 Views

3 Examples of Movies That Were Much Better Than The Book

Sometimes the movie is just better!

By: | October 31st Entertainment 4 Views

Famous People Partying Together

Celebrities have a lot of friends among other famous people. Surely, they like to hang out and party together.   Salvador Dali & Walt Disney…

By: | October 30th Entertainment 533 Views

How To Cheat In College

Have you ever noticed how the kids in school who never got caught cheating always devised brilliant, evil-genius-style plans to get away with it? These ideas potentially required…

By: | October 30th Featured, General 99 Views

The Weirdest Real Conventions And Festivals Ever

Oh sure, you knew that there were some strange gatherings out there that tend to attract weird people, like Star Trek conventions or comic book conventions, but…

By: | October 30th General 2 Views

Fun Facts about the Past

These snippets about history will make you see things in a whole new light.

By: | October 30th History 707 Views

Craziest Things Found In Peoples Backyards

Some people have the craziest things hiding in their backyards and here are just a few that have been found over time.   Whale fossil……

By: | October 30th General 1,178 Views

Truly Ridiculous Superstitions from Around the World

There are some pretty common superstitions that still hold power even nowadays; black cats, ladders, the number 13, all silly, meaningless things that hold unnecessary…

By: | October 29th Geography 8 Views

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