A View of the Universe That Will Blow Your Mind

When you see how Earth actually fits into the rest of the galaxy, you will be surprised how insignificant our small planet really is.  …

By: | November 18th Science 41 Views

The Most Epic Job Titles of All Time

These job titles will make you rethink what you want to be doing with your life.    

By: | November 17th Funny 21 Views

The 100 Strangest Meals From Around The World

These bizarre foods are eaten by different cultures and countries from around the world but they are a bit odd at first sight! Would you…

By: | November 17th Health 33 Views

Fashion Trends That Make No Sense

These are some of the worst fashion choices we have ever seen.    

By: | November 17th Design 12 Views

Interesting Facts About Nothing

These short facts will teach you something about the world and the people in it.        

By: | November 14th General 1,239 Views

A House Makeover That Is One-of-a-kind

Kate Sullivan and her boyfriend Mason Brown bought this neglected farm house in New York and transformed it into a work of art. This is…

By: | November 14th Design 879 Views

Google Creates a Human-Like Robot (3 pics + 2 gifs)

Ian is 6’2″ and weighs 330 lbs (150 kg) and came second place in the Robo Olympics. He can drive a car and mimic the…

By: | November 14th Tech 263 Views

20 Quotes From Children’s Books Every Adult Should Know

1. A.A. Milne, Winnie the Pooh   2. Dr Seiss, Horton Hears a Who 3. Aesop, The Lion and the Mouse 4. A.A. Milne, Winnie…

By: | November 11th General 515 Views

Interesting Photos Volume #30

Russia’s Toughest Prison uses Caucasian Mountain Shepard As Guard Dogs…They Weigh Up To 200lbs and Stand 6ft Tall And Said To Have The Stopping Power Of A…

By: | November 11th Photography 98 Views

Everyday Things That Can Kill You

These things are all responsible for quite a few deaths annually and they will totally surprise you because they all seem unlikely or even harmless….

By: | November 10th General 985 Views

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