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You Too Can Sport a Snazzy Dick Tracy Style Smart Watch

September 12th, 2013 by in Tech with 391 Views

There occasionally comes a time when the crazy gadgets featured in the cartoon shows of our childhood become reality and it has happened again. Samsung, one of the leaders in the manufacturing of smart phones, has now released a new line of Smart Watches. The Galaxy Gear Smart Watch provides many of the features that we have come to rely on our smart phones for. While there have been other smart watches released in the past couple of years, Samsung is stepping up the game.

What Sets This Smart Watch Apart From the Competition?

Along with Apple, Samsung has been one of the industry leaders in the making of smart phones and plans on implementing their approach with the release of the Galaxy Gear Smart Watch.

When the Samsung Galaxy Gear reaches the market, it will sell for $299. The Galaxy Gear will work the same way a Smart Phone operates. Using its touch screen, users will be able to access email, texts, weather, news, and even music. The Pebble Watch can already do the majority of those operations; though it does this by connecting to portable devices and Smart Phones via Bluetooth. The Galaxy Gear will contain its own Android operating system.

Industry insiders were skeptical that the market has room for a Smart Watch, with so many consumers already having a Smart Phone or a tablet. The fact that the Galaxy Gear will have its own operating system makes it a little more functional than the Pebble Watch and other similar models.

Another feature of the Galaxy Gear that helps it stand out among other Smart Watches is the ability to use it via voice commands. This can found in the Martian Watch; though the Martian Watch does not run on its own operating system.

Google and Apple Working on Smart Watches

The announcement of the Galaxy Gear Smart Watch is a smart move on the part of Samsung, as Apple and Google are already moving forward with their own Smart Watch concepts. Last year, Samsung surpassed Apple to become the world’s biggest producer of Smart Phones. By staying ahead of the competition, they are putting their foot down and showing that they are looking towards the latest innovations the mobile market has to offer.

The Hardware of the Galaxy Gear Smart Watch

While the Galaxy Gear may be tiny, it still can handle normal Smart Phone tasks. It has 512 MB of RAM and 4 GB of internal memory. The 800 MHz processor is equal to the computing power of many of the top Smart Phones on the market. The 1.6-inch screen has a resolution of 320×320, while small – people used to a Smart Phone will not have a problem using the touch screen. The Galaxy Gear is also equipped with a 4-megapixel camera that can capture up to ten seconds of 720p video and also snap low resolution pictures.

It seems that with every passing year, more technology that we never thought possible is becoming a reality. Whether or not the Galaxy Gear will give users the freedom of not having to use their Smart Phone and tablets constantly is unknown. Having a wrist watch that provides the same functionality of a Smart Phone may make us feel more like Dick Tracy; though it remains to be seen how consumers as a whole will embrace this technology.

  • Michael Flash

    I would say my least favorite part of this watch is how big it is. Who in their right mind would want to lug around this huge watch? The thing is almost the size of a phone, on your wrist!

  • http://www.interesting6.com William Edward

    Flavor Flav would be all over this watch!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Michael Flash


  • Frank

    The smart watch kind of freaks me out… too much technology. Does anyone wear a simple one anymore? Come on now! How about a gummy watch?

    • Michael Flash

      TIMEX! Just like grandpa used to wear!

  • Jessica

    I think this watch is a cool idea, I’m actually surprised that apple didn’t announce one at Tuesdays press conference. It is kind of big especially for people with small wrists like me but its a cool idea.