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X-Rays of Animals

March 3rd, 2014 by in Animals with 847 Views

These animal x-rays will surprise you.

Cats would look so odd if they didn’t have ears.


1Animal X-Rays (18 pics)Moles have claws BIGGER THAN THEIR FACE.


2Animal X-Rays (18 pics)Frogs have freakily long toes.


3Animal X-Rays (18 pics)Bats… ok, bats are still quite creepy.


4Animal X-Rays (18 pics)Chameleons are not always that good at blending in.


5Animal X-Rays (18 pics)A duck’s beak is basically its whole head.

6Animal X-Rays (18 pics)Rays are actually much more complicated than their smooth exterior suggests.


7Animal X-Rays (18 pics)You do not want to mess with a sawfish.


8Animal X-Rays (18 pics)Monkeys are scarily human.


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