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Exploring The US – Mexico Border

September 9th, 2013 by in History with 6,120 Views

The USA and Mexico have a long secured border that stretches for 1,951 miles. That is 3,169 KM! It’s one of the most famous and the most secured borders in the world. The following are some images of the border, the people, and the countries surrounding the wall.

US-Mexico Border

  • Each year the our southern border allows in more than 300 million people, approximately 90 million cars, and 4.3 million truck crossings.

US-Mexico Border

  • Two-way trade has almost tripled and cross-border trade averages more than $650 million dollars a day, two-thirds of which comes through ports of entry in Texas.

US-Mexico Border

  • Since the implementation of NAFTA, the number of commercial vehicles crossing the border has increased by 41 percent.

US-Mexico Border

  • The 1,951 mile U.S.-Mexico border is the busiest in the world.

US-Mexico Border

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  • Jessica

    For a wall that is so impressive there sure are a lot of people still finding their way over!

  • Bill


  • MD Golam Rabbani

    It’s one of the most famous and the most secured borders in the world. But unexpectedly we got some bad news as like. “Major drug tunnel found on U.S.-Mexico border; 3 arrested” besides so far as I know this is the famous border for smuggling!!!

  • Sakil Hossen

    US-Mexico border around pictures are really nice to see. I’ve never been in such place before, thus happy to learn educative views about such place.