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Top Seven Funniest Plant Pictures in Nature

October 31st, 2013 by in Funny with 1,934 Views

Nature is always amazing and breathtaking. From the animals, lakes, oceans and even trees, there are some funny pictures that will leave you wondering whether they occurred naturally or man intervened. Here are some of the funniest natural pictures presented by nature:

1. What Do you think?

Relax, don’t start getting ideas,  these are just plants. Nature indeed is amazing. To think that these grew on their own without intervention is somehow mind boggling. But there is still more!

funny nature pictures 1



2. How about these two carrots?

These two grew on their own… no one intervened apart from nature!

funiest pictures in nature 2


3. …and this tree?

Can it be that nature pictures often communicate a message to mankind? If so, what kind of message? That is yours to find out after we present all these pictures to you!

funiest pictures in nature 3


4. Look at this plant!

It is often said that a picture speaks a thousand words. What message do you get from this plant?

funniest pictures in nature 4


5. This was astonishing!

Of all the plant pictures, this astonished and amazed me. How could a plant have grown into this? Take a look!

funiest plant pictures in nature


6. The dancing ballet tree

Lets give credit where its due, this tree looks like its dancing ballet and this is simply astounding!

funniest plant pictures in nature 1


7. Does this tree have butts?

Am I seeing my eyes or is it true that this tree developed butts as it grew? Correct me if I am wrong after checking out this!

funniest plant pictures in nature 3

  • MD Golam Rabbani

    Really funny and interesting plant! I can’t believe my eyes! What I am seeing? These may be 7 wonder plant of the world.

  • liz soliven

    lol! Hilarious! some photos are really popular over the internet, Really? how on earth have these things formed to such forms? lol

  • Geofrey Bett

    Hahaha..Lol!well selected natural plant pictures.God creations indeed,they come in all forms.
    Just curious,what is that lady touching?

  • Sakil Hossen

    Wonderful picture and these are just nature amazing creation indeed!! I admire photographers for sorting out such astounding piece of plants and trees from around.

  • Kristin Radzioch

    LMAO! I’ve seen one of these before but the rest are new to me! I wonder why I never see this stuff when I’m out for a walk.. maybe certain climates are the reason for these formations?