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Top Grossing Fast Food Companies in The United States

September 23rd, 2013 by in Finance with 2,848 Views

Ever wonder which food chains make the most money yearly in the United States? You know which lines are always long in your neighborhood, but what about throughout the country?

1) McDonald’s

McDonald’s has come a long way from when it first opened with 14,000 chains across the country. In 2010 it grossed a profit of $32.4 billion. It has attempted to become more health conscious over the past several years in order to keep patrons coming by serving salads and smoothies along side the big macs and chicken nuggets.  It must have worked because it is still the highest grossing in the United States.

2) Subway

Subway has 24,885 locations in the United States, which is substantially more than McDonald’s, however it grosses less at $10.6 billion yearly. This restaurant offers healthy sandwich options at a reasonable price for consumers.  This also now includes breakfast sandwiches.  With all the locations available for subway, it is no surprise that this comes in at the number 2 slot.

3) Burger King

With just over 7,000 locations in the United States, Burger King comes in 3rd grossing $8.4 billion a year.  The original chicken sandwich and whopper is what tends to attract customers to this restaurant.

4) Starbucks

Starbucks with only 4,118 locations in the United States, falls right behind Burger King grossing $8 billion a year. Aside from coffee products they sell bistro type foods including sandwiches, desserts and cake pops which increases their revenue.

5) Wendy’s

The face of Wendy’s is one of the most well known in the United States.  With 6,000 locations available to consumers in the United States, this company grosses $7.9 billion annually. With well known juicy burgers and sea-salt fries, it attracts a plethora of patrons daily.


My personal favorite fast food company didn’t quite make the list.  Tim Horton’s is my daily staple and I don’t know where I would go without it.  What is your favorite fast food company?


  • Michael Six

    Mighty Taco!

  • Michael Six

    And Sonic!

  • MD Golam Rabbani

    McDonald is the top grossing Fast Food Companies in The United States as well as in the world. This is my favorite fast food company. I like McDonald for it’s hamburger. Would not you like it?

  • Geofrey Bett

    If you ask anyone anywhere in the world;they will tell you McDonald’s and Subway are the best fast food joints in the world.They serve the most sumptuous delicious meals ever.

    I learned of these two joints from a family friend who had invited me for dinner at McDonald’s when i visited him at the United states during Christmas.
    I really love their food.

  • Joseph John

    The interesting fact is that these fast food chains growing rapidly in 3rd world countries(Especially in Asian countries)

  • Sakil Hossen

    My personal favorite actually two McDonald’s and Burger King. I just love both places foods and they’re providing very healthy foods. Thanks.

  • liz soliven

    I havent tried Subway yet we don’t have it in our place :)