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Three Things That Will Most Likely Kill You

October 11th, 2013 by in Health with 171 Views

No one can escape death but you will be surprised to find out that there are three things that will easily kill you. They are the most unimaginable source of death yet every year, they take many people to early graves. As such, this is a must read if you are really interested in preserving your life. Here are the three sources of death that you have never imagined of. If you want to know when you will die, check out the death watch.

1. Stress

If you think your stress will not kill you, think again because you are dead wrong. Statistics indicate that stress has killed more people than cholesterol and is far more dangerous than even road accidents. Stress produces a hormone known as the hippocampus. This hormone affects a vital brain area used in memory and thinking. This stress hormone shrinks this area and eventually ages it.

Stress triggers other diseases and weakens the body’s defense system to such extent that the body rarely responds to treatment. If you want to age fast and die early, have as much stressed life as you can afford.

stress 1


2. Sugar

Sugar is sweet but its fruits are bitter. For sure, like stress, sugar kills more people than many diseases combined. It is a risk factor for lots of diseases and causes glycation. Glycation is the prescess of excess sugar in the blood stream leading to diabetes and amputations. Because sugar blocks capillaries, many people often end up amputated on toes and feet.

Sack of sugar

3. Inflammations

Known as the silent killer, inflammations contribute to almost all major degenerative diseases such as diabetes, Alzheimer, several cancers and heart diseases. Inflammations can either be acute or chronic. Acute inflammations are more common and less harmful than chronic inflammations.

Chronic inflammations often kill because they are not easy to detect and damages the vascular system. The only way to ever prevent inflammations is through eating anti-inflammatory foods such as fruits and vegetables. Such foods have natural anti-inflammatory properties.


  • MD Golam Rabbani

    Both Stress, Sugar and Inflammations can easily kill anyone. Among them Inflammations seems to me more dangerous to me. I will be great full to the author if share how we can avoid these.

  • Geofrey Bett

    These are the most unfortunate killers.Sugar is part of our day to day meals and to some people they cannot do without sugary stuffs.
    I totally agree with the Author,Stress and Sugar are the most things that are likely to kill us.
    We should be careful on what we eat and always have fun with life to avoid stressing situations.

  • Joseph John

    Sugar is a sweat killer… We can control our stress with some meditation and stuff like Yoga. but, once you got high blood sure, you have to live with that.

  • liz soliven

    Diabetes is one worst disease nowadays, Hope everyone here takes good care of their health, lookout for those sweet ones