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Things to Avoid Doing at Work

September 18th, 2013 by in General with 311 Views

You may seem successful in your career, but only on the outside, not on the inside. The reality is you face a number of excruciating experiences of gender discrimination, work-life balance failures, sexual harassment, being sabotaged and betrayed by colleagues, chronic illness and exhaustion, and you continually feel that you are on the wrong career.

Even though you may face such missteps in your career life, looking back there can’t lack some important things you did right. The bottom line is, avoid at all costs doing the following blunders in your career life as they are the most negative, damaging, and irreversible in your career life.

Never quit out of rage or revenge

You spend more hours at work than anywhere else, therefore it is normal and expected that you will at one time experience the full scope of emotions while engaged in everyday work activities. It helps to bring your whole self at work and being as transparent, authentic and honest as humanly possible. Losing control of your emotions is the investable disaster that can happen to you at your workplace. Avoid acting rashly and impulsively from rage or despair.

You feel your boss is harassing you, but don’t scream an obscenity at the top of your lungs, and to online casino put more pain to the wound, you do it in front of the entire office. The boss will have no choice but to fire you. While you might feel relieved after the swear, at the end of it all, it is likely you will lose your job and you will feel the shock and shame of how out of control you were at that time. By acting impulsively and rashly at work you lose much casino online more than your self-respect.

Backstabbing at the Workplace

Today, it is a wonder that so many people feel absolutely comfortable ridiculing, disparaging or undermining their colleagues at work. Talking behind your co-worker’s back whenever you feel they are not behaving professionally the way you no rx required meds. like is not the way to go.  Instead chose the path of courage and fortitude to address the problem by directly talking to the individual in question. Backstabbing aims to hurt. When your intention is to hurt other’s at your workplace, it is you who will suffer. In the long run, backstabbing never works. You will end up embarrassing yourself and humiliated when it comes back to bite you eventually.

Lies on Your Resume

People at work most often tell lies when they think that the truth will save them the price to pay somehow. The lie will catch up with you over time and the lies you tell must be perpetuated, which is exhausting, and drains you from vital energy you need to reach your fullest potential. You might have told lies about your skills and talents, experience and background, and about the status of work you are overseeing. Take a hard look at what you are running away from, and instead take the initiative, be yourself and face those fears and begin working through them.

  • Natasha

    Lies on your resume will bite you in the butt. Just don’t do it. Work hard and build your skills. People will notice your talent with time.

  • MD Golam Rabbani

    It’s pretty simple, just need to avoid bad things/habit which makes people annoyed. Another is listen to your mind.

  • Joseph John

    If you lie one time in your resume, you have to lie 100 time again to back up that first lie. Like Natasha said, work hard and build your career. There ain’t no short cut!

  • liz soliven

    After reading this, I can conclude that practicing this things with patience, perseverance and willingness would be perfect!

  • Sakil Hossen

    An educative post!! Above provided all of these tips are quite handy to make working career bright and I’m very happy to learn such tips through reading this informative post.