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The Weirdest Real Conventions And Festivals Ever

October 30th, 2014 by in General with 89 Views

Oh sure, you knew that there were some strange gatherings out there that tend to attract weird people, like Star Trek conventions or comic book conventions, but we’ll bet that you’ve never heard of some of the more…obscure conventions out there. Read on to see if you could handle going to one of these events!

Redhead Day

As a non-ginger, this has to be more frightening to witness than every single horror movie combined. Nothing but a sea of pale skin, freckles, and rust-colored hair staring back at you, staring deep into your eyes, consuming your very essence and life force. These red headed stepchildren look hungry. Hungry for blood. Hungry for your soul.


But seriously, there really is a Redhead day, and it takes place every year in the summer in Breda, a city in the Netherlands. Approximately 4,000 redheads show up to celebrate their luscious crimson locks. Sadly, it isn’t called “Gingercon” and they don’t sacrifice any virgins to the Elder Gods.


Elvis Festival

This one is less frightening than Gingercon, more like sad, really. Imagine hundreds of Elvis impersonators walking around in 100 degree plus heat at this Australia based convention. Over 8,000 people show up every year to celebrate the life and works of the King (nevermind the whole “asphyxiated on his own vomit” thing).


The LEGO Conventions

This convention would have been like dying and going to heaven as a child. Another convention that finds its home in The Netherlands, the LEGO convention is attended by 20,000 people who all go and play with legos, have building competitions, and try to beat Lego world records (yeah, those exist). This actually sounds kind of awesome.


The Big Lebowski Convention

The Big Lebowski was a pretty decent movie. There are a few laughs, and John Goodman in particular was great. But the movie has become a pop culture icon, a “cult” hit. Enough so that there’s been a convention based around it—that’s been going on for TEN years—called Lebowski Fest. Many lonely people get together to discuss the movie and, appropriately, go bowling.