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The Most Insane Gun In The Entire World

September 25th, 2013 by in Tech with 986 Views

Ever since man made the first progress in inventing the first firearm, he has been digging his grave deeper through the invention of better and deadlier firearms. Do you know the deadliest firearm in today’s world? Perhaps not and you are curious to find out. This firearm is so deadly that its level of destruction can be compared to that of the many nuclear bombs and chemically induced weapons. The technology used in this firearm if used in large scale, will lead to the eventual eradication of man from the surface of the earth. With that said, the deadliest firearm in the current world is known as The Metal Storm.


To give you an insight into the metal storm, the name refers to both the manufacturing company and the firearm. The company that came up with this machine gun is based in Brisbane, Australia with an operational base in Washington DC.

The gun stands today as the most fearsome firearm ever developed in the history of man. Why is this so? It is because the firearm can fire up to 16,600 bullets in a single second. metal storm

This means that it has the capability to fire 1 million bullets in a minute! Now think of it, a gun that can kill a million people in a single minute! To worsen the situation, Metal Storm can also fire 40mm rounds of mortar in the same speed! This means that the destruction this firearm can produce is almost beyond that of a nuclear weapon.

Video Of it in Action



What makes Metal Storm even more lethal is the fact that unlike other firearms, it cannot malfunction because it is electronically fired. The firearm can operate the whole day if need be without 99.9% effectiveness because the bullets are pre-loaded and computer controlled. The weapon can easily erase a whole country of 30 million people out of existence in half an hour!

  • interesting6

    I wish they had this gun in Call of Duty, my KDR might increase…

  • Brad J.

    the knife is the most Deadliest weapon ever invented… never run out ammo never jam and any one can use it

  • Tim

    Does the 2nd amendment cover this? I’d much like to mount a few of these on the roof of my house.

    • Fred

      ok.. you have a knife and I’ll take my chances with a metal storm

    • Lisa Boyd

      yes, but you can only slay one at a time with a nice. This gun can kill thousands at a time

  • Geofrey Bett

    Its undoubtedly the most dangerous weapon probably on earth,16600 bullets in a single second?Really dangerous.
    Has it been used anywhere on earth?

  • MD Golam Rabbani

    This type of weapon can kill many people also can save many people. I have no idea to using any weapon. But I want all weapon may use for the good well of people. I have got an idea on the power of a firearm!

  • John Browning

    What a silly bit of fear mongering. Do you honestly think anyone with a functioning brain will swallow this mess whole? Here’s the reality; ONE PROTOTYPE has been built. The weapon is limited to what can be loaded for one session of shooting, 180 rounds in 36 barrels. There is no way that the elimination of millions could be achieved as you claim. Now, let’s look at the reality of metallurgy. Each barrel firing 5 rounds in a fraction of a second and closely grouped is going to generate a fair amount of heat. Enough to slightly deform the barrel. I suspect that is why the weapon is limited to so few rounds much more and you may have an explosion or other serious malfunction resulting in a very expensive pile of scrap metal. Dry your eyes and worry about something real instead. Metal storm is nothing but a useless toy for the development team.

    • http://www.interesting6.com/ Michael Six

      Well said John, well said…

  • Sakil Hossen

    These are very insane gun indeed. Though I’ve never seen any of these guns in actions whether in movies or any games but quite excited to learn more about such guns.

  • liz soliven

    Are these on the market? lol if yes then it’s crazy! :)