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The Most Dangerous Roads in the World (With Pictures)

September 24th, 2013 by in Geography with 702 Views

All of these roads are extremely deadly and dangerous, therefore they will not be ranked on this website according to most dangerous as many lives have been lost on each road.

Yungas Road

This road is in Bolivia in the Yungas region and is also known as “the death road”. It is 40 miles long and there have been 200-300 people who have lost their lives on this road that is known in accidents. It was built in the 1930’s and consists of many extremely sharp turns with no barriers.

Guoliang Tunnel Road

This road in China took 5 years to complete and is known as “The Long Corridor In Cliffs”.  It is located in the Taihang Mountains and is one mile long, 16 feet high and 13 feet wide and especially dangerous during the rainy season.


Siberian Road to Yakutsk in Russia

This road is very dangerous during the winter months, which in this part of Russia lasts 10 months out of the year. It is the only road leading to Yakutsk City in Russia and can get so cold that it completely freezes over as the average temperature in January is -45 degrees Fahrenheit. This road also gets worn out in the rain making it impossible to drive in and many get stuck.


Stelvio Pass

This road is in the Italian Alps and has 48 sharp turns making it difficult for drivers to maneuver.  It is 9,045 feet high and built in the early 1800’s. Many accidents are caused along this road.


Leh Manali Highway

This is one of the highest roads in India and people traveling on it are often told to bring oxygen cylinders with them as it is so high up and many people get Acute Mountain Sickness.  On both sides of this road are mountains which often have landslides, water crossings, glacier melts and broken areas. This road also often has low visibility affecting travel.

  • http://www.interesting6.com William Edward

    These are some crazy roads!

  • golamrabbani

    Actually all of this road is very dangerous. So it’s very difficult to identify which one is most dangerous? After reading this full article and seeing the image I think “Yungas Road” and “iberian Road to Yakutsk in Russia” are most dangerous. If I have to chose only one then I will chose Siberian Road to Yakutsk in Russia!

  • interesting6

    You need to have a post with the “most pot holed” roads

  • Geofrey Bett

    These are undoubtedly the most dangerous roads in the World.They look scary and faint hearten people may not manage to drive through them.Yungas and Guoliang Tunnel roads with their level of elevations,i think are the most dangerous .

  • Joseph John

    These roads are very scary. But, I would love to go there and do a ride with an old Shelby!

  • Sakil Hossen

    Seems very horrific roads indeed!! That Stelvio Pass seems to me the most adventures and dangerous one. I will never try to drive on any of these roads. Thanks.