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The Crimes of Tony Soprano – Infographic

January 29th, 2014 by in Entertainment with 473 Views

Most actors and actresses would kill (no pun intended) for the chance at a steady paycheck on a long running television show. Those same thespians may even commit a second crime in order to play a character that will live on forever. The late James Gandolfini was lucky enough to get a role like this and he only had to commit felonies on-screen.For the HBO drama The Sopranos, James Gandolfini became Tony Soprano. Even though he starred in a number of top-rated movies before and after the series, this character defined his career. Gandolfini was able to take a larger-than-life fictional persona and make him into a man with whom most television viewers could relate. Tony Soprano was a family man with a stressful job. He struggled to find a good work-life balance while dealing with trauma from his childhood.

While most people can sympathize with this side of Tony’s life, it may be a struggle for the average adult to find much in common with the mobster’s criminal side. As Tony Soprano, James Gandolfini was able to make committing murder, adultery, robbery, assault, and other transgressions look so natural that it was difficult for him to get a role as anything other than a hardened criminal in other projects.

Throughout six seasons of the show Tony committed an astonishing number of crimes. So many felonies in fact, that one has to wonder what a list of charges and subsequent jail time would look like for the New Jersey mob boss. Some offenses may have been alluded to during the course of an episode, but for the sake of this infographic, created by Instant Checkmate, only the televised crimes were tabulated, and those were more than enough with which to work.


The Crimes of Tony Soprano

Image created by: Instant Checkmate