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Extreme Photography – The Art of the X-Ray

September 17th, 2013 by in General with 1,464 Views

Ever wonder what everyday objects look like on the inside? Artist, Nick Veasey has brought that to a reality. His unique style of photography includes images of x-rays of everyday objects. Feel free to see more of his works at his website or learn how he does it, and enjoy the sampling that we have published on the following pages.

Human Arms

X Ray1 X Ray,See Through the World Around You

Is it just me or are you creeped out by this shot? It reminds me of crazy zombies from the Walking Dead or World War Z.

A Tea Bag in A Cup

X Ray2 X Ray,See Through the World Around You

The X-ray was discovered in 1895.


X Ray3 X Ray,See Through the World Around You

The X-ray was discovered in Germany.

Hands in handcuffs

X Ray4 X Ray,See Through the World Around You

The X-ray is called the x-ray because of it”s unknown nature.

Nail in a Tire

X Ray5 X Ray,See Through the World Around You

The routine use of X-rays has been discouraed in the past decade by many organizations by it”s “questionable useefullness” and sometimes harmful longterm side effects

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  • http://www.interesting6.com William Edward

    Wow these are really cool photos

  • Jessica

    These are amazing, this guy has a lot of talent.

  • MD Golam Rabbani

    Can’t stay away to tell wonderful! The more I reading the blog the more I astonishing! Very talent sharing from you man, well done.

  • Joseph John

    Excellent photos!

  • Sakil Hossen

    I would like to say this post educative. Along with these pictures below suggested X-ray innovation date and various others lessons are quite informative. Thus it’s a great post with splendid images!!

  • Kristin Radzioch

    This is really cool.. I have to wonder if these are all actual x-rays.. I can’t imagine how you would x-ray some of that stuff. I had never really thought of what stuff would look like when it’s x-rayed. I know they do that with your stuff at the court houses or at the airport. Surprised I never wondered about that.

  • liz soliven

    Now that’s cool but is kinda creepy :)