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The 100 Strangest Meals From Around The World

November 17th, 2014 by in Health with 1,009 Views

Mosquito Eggs – Mexico

Mosquito eggs are first dried then roasted. They can be wrapped in tortillas and served with a squeeze of lime or lemon.

The Strangest Meals People Actually Eat

Dried Lizards – China

Dried lizards aren’t eaten but used for additional taste in soup. It is known for its health benefits like stamina increase, weigh loss, and protection from fever and other ailments.

The Strangest Meals People Actually Eat

Salmiakki (Denmark, Finland, Netherlands)

I have personally met this snack, and was humbled (and a little bit grossed out) by it. An incredibly popular treat in Denmark, Finland, and the Netherlands, Salmiakki is basically salty black licorice. Like, the saltiest and blackest licorice you can possibly imagine… or what you’d get if you tried to make soy sauce into a candy.

The Strangest Meals People Actually Eat

Kanikko (Japan)

Crunchy crustaceans, Batman! From the country that brought you 11-zillion different varieties of KitKats, comes Kannikko Crab Snack. If you like Goldfish Crackers, Teddy Grahams, or feeling like a giant, why not tear into a bag of these salty, candied real baby crabs? No shelling required.

The Strangest Meals People Actually Eat

Falafel Bissli (Israel)

This popular crunchy wheat snack comes in a variety of exciting flavors and shapes, but none as interesting as these “falafel” noodle crisps. Personally, I’d be pretty stoked to have more falafel-flavored things in my life.

The Strangest Meals People Actually Eat

Marmite Crisps (England)

For the uninitiated, Marmite is a gloopy, salty, yeasty smear concentrated from leftover brewer’s yeast. Its flavor is so strong and polarizing that the product’s slogan is actually “Love it or Hate it,” which comes from the same marketing geniuses that went on to bring you: “good old potatoes supercharged with a heady dose of lovely Marmite.”

The Strangest Meals People Actually Eat


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