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Ten Best Trick Plays In College Football History

September 21st, 2013 by in Videos with 252 Views

There are hundreds of different trick plays out there and if we missed one that you felt deserves to be in the top ten of all time, leave it in the comments below for us and the people after you.

#1 Is The Best!!

  • Jessica

    I think you’re right, number one is pretty great!

  • efpierce

    Ten minutes of that stuff and I still want more! The first one was good but I didn’t understand why the second one had to take place in a close game with over ten minutes left on the clock.

  • Kristen Trott

    I wish I was at these games. Theses plays are unreal. I try to attend at least one football game a year and couldn’t imagine the environment as it was happening. It’s funny some of the players in these videos are now in the NFL. Hard work really does pay off.

  • Sakil Hossen

    Yeah number 1 is the best. I think every great player creates their own trick as his/her mindset fully applies with a game for long time. Thanks for the video it’s a great one.