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Strange Laws In The World

September 7th, 2013 by in General with 617 Views

14 Strange laws in the world

The U.K law allows a pregnant woman to relieve herself anywhere she would like, including in a policemana��s helmet.


It is against the law for flow max where to buy. one to skate in a Miami police station.


It is illegal for one to die in the British House of Parliament.


A freeman can take a flock of sheep across London Bridge free of toll charges; he can drive geese down Cheapside as well.


The San Salvador law allows drunken drivers to die before the firing squad.


In the U.K a man can urinate in public, but only if he aims for online casino dgfev the rear wheel of his vehicle while keeping his right hand on the vehicle.


It is illegal for unmarried women to parachute within Florida on Sundays.


In Kentucky, one cannot transit a online casino canada concealed weapon which is more than six feet long.


Welshmen in Chester, England are not allowed to enter the city before the sun rises, and from staying after it sets.



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  • Michael Flash

    Here are some more…

    In Baltimore, MD it is illegal to scrub or wash a sink. No matter how dirty it gets, the act of washing a sink is illegal.

    It is illegal to shoot game from a moving vehicle in Tennessee, except whales. That does not read like a wacky law considering that Tennessee is a landlocked state.

    No vehicle without a driver may exceed 60 miles per hour in California.

  • Kristen Trott

    “Vermont women cannot wear false teeth without obtain the permission of their husbands.” Some of these don’t make sense to me, but this one takes it to another extreme. What is someone doesn’t have a husband? What if a woman has a wife and not a husband? And most importantly, where did this come from??

  • Joseph John

    Here is some more:
    In Oklahoma, you can be arrested for making ugly faces at a dog
    In Samoa, it’s a crime to forget your own wife’s birthday
    And many more….

  • Sakil Hossen

    Strange laws indeed but worth learn. If someday I visit such countries I’ll definitely try to not do against such law. Thanks.

  • liz soliven

    Strange indeed

  • Aaron

    These are very strange laws indeed and I’m very surprising enjoyed learning about these laws.