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Strange Facts About Crocidiles

September 7th, 2013 by in Animals with 3,981 Views

Crocodiles lie still, in-waiting for their prey and rush or attack whenever they spot it; in most instances, the crocodiles are assumed for objects by the preys that usually get closer without getting alarmed.


So far crocodiles are animals known to have the largest biting force, which exceeds 22,000 Newton. The animals have very sharp teeth which combined with their large biting force can kill their prey on a single bite.


Despite the extraordinary biting force, they have very small and relatively weak muscles for opening their jaws, which makes it easy to tap their jaws shut using a bladder in case of transportation or research.


Despite the large body size of these animals, they have a very small brain that measures less that a tablespoonful. This means they are extremely dangerous. They are very sensitive to smell and can sense their prey and enemies from far away and quickly prepare for attack.


Perhaps the most unique feature  these animals have  is their ability to go for very long time without food despite their large body weight, which can measure up to 900Kgs. They can go for about two to three years without taking food. During the time, they usually remain inactive and burrowed in sand.


Crocodiles lay with their mouths wide open; this is due to the fact that they sweat through the mouth, and thus it is not an act of aggressiveness.


The only animal that hunts the adult crocodile are human beings, however, the small ones can be predated on by some larger animals. Whenever baby crocodiles face danger, the adults usually pick them up and keep them in their mouths for protection.


Unlike most living creatures, the temperature in which the crocodile egg hatches in is what determines the sex of the crocodile to hatch, if cold it will be female, if hot it will be male.


  • Michael Flash

    “The only animal that hunts the adult crocodile are human beings”

    I guess they would be the top of the food chain!

  • MD Golam Rabbani

    Maybe crocodile is the strongest animal on water. They can easily kill any size animal under water but they are not so strong on earth. “They can go for about two to three years without taking food” indeed the can.