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Six Most Expensive Mistakes In Human History

October 18th, 2013 by in Featured with 2,233 Views

Have you ever made a mistake? The answer is yes but your mistake has not been as expensive as the ones you are about learn about. Here are some of the most expensive and worst mistakes ever made by any human being in human history. If you think you have a mistake that is more expensive than the ones listed, then, please feel free to let us know. Meanwhile, here are we go:

The Chernobyl Meltdown

This stands among the worst mistakes ever made in human history. The Chernobyl was caused by faulty equipments that were not repaired on time despite warnings. As a result, four reactors went out of control during a test leading to the meltdown.As a result, money estimated at $358 billion was lost. Two employees died on the spot and a host of many other people died later on including 28 fire fighters who had been exposed to radiation.

The Chernobyl Meltdown


The Biggest Fire –  in the history of California

This was a mistake done by a certain hunter in the fall of 2003. The hunter was lost and in despair, he lit a distress signal somewhere near San Diego county estates. The fire quickly spread destroying close to 300,000 acres in the process. It also took the life of 14 people and destroyed 2,322 homes along its way. At the end of the day, the loss was estimated at a whooping $1.5 billion! What a terrible and costly mistake it was for the hunter to have lit that distress call fire!

The biggest fire in the history of California


The Piper Bravo Oil Rig Mistake

We all do forget to do things at times. There is a time in history when forgetfulness lead to loss of life and money. This was in May 1994 when safety inspectors forgot to replace a valve at the Piper Bravo Oil Rig during a routine check. The inspectors removed and replaced all the other safety valves apart from one which was forgotten. A worker who never knew that one safety valve had been forgotten pushed the start button. The results were very disastrous and highly costly. The rig exploded killing with it 167 workers and destroying property worth $3.4 billion.

The Piper Brave Oil Rig Mistake


 The Exxon Oil Tanker Crash

This is an accident that occurred in 1989 and was attributed to a mistake of the tanker’s captain who was too drunk at the time.  The tanker was enroute to Carlifonia but hit Prince William Sound off Alaska coast spilling 760,000 barrels of oil. As a result, $4.4 billion was used in clean up and repair of damages caused by the crash.

The Exxon oil tanker Crash


 The Challenger’s Explosion

The challenger was a space shuttle built and owned by NASA. It exploded just 72 seconds after take off killing everyone on board. It was discovered that the cause of the explosion was a mistake on NASA’s part as they had based its design on faults. As a result, $5.5 billion used in building the challenger was also lost.

The Challenger's Explosion

AOL’s Purchase of Time Warner

Companies also make mistakes and this is among the worst mistakes ever made by a company. AOL purchased Time Warner for $182 billion in the year 2000 but sold it off nine years later at a low cost of $36 billion dollars. At the end of the day, AOL had made a loss of $146 billion!

AOL's Purchase of Time Warner

  • MD Golam Rabbani

    Yes I made mistake but not expensive as these. But one of my friend made a mistake which is much more expensive than these! He suicide due to love. I think nothing is expensive than life.

  • Geofrey Bett

    Mistakes are a times inevitable but care should be taken to reduce the magnitude and the cost of such mistakes.
    I have been to a number of mistake but not as expensive as the ones discussed above.This are extremely sad mistakes to have happened in human history.

  • Joseph John

    We, Human beings make mistakes because it is absolutely human. And you commit mistakes because you are not aware of it! Let’s hope that we won’t make such big mistakes again!

  • Kristen Trott

    What about the BP spill? That’s another one that was a big whoops. Money was lost and not to mention the danger to the wildlife and water.

  • stu1818

    Piper Alpha was the oil platform, not Piper Bravo. Piper bravo still stands in the north sea

  • Sakil Hossen

    Everyone commits mistakes but I’m sure none of them are too costly as the six most expensive mistakes mentioned above. Although considering from feeling apart many people have been suffering emotional because of their mistakes but not costly matter at all…

  • liz soliven

    Oh god such big mistakes! it would risk animals and human life