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Safety Tips for Hunting Season… So You Don’t Die

September 15th, 2013 by in General with 256 Views

Its almost that time of year again when hunters go out into the woods and bring home some deer and turkey for the fall and winter seasons.  Although most people know general hunting safety tips there still seem to be casualties yearly due to carelessness and accidents.  It is important to remember the basic safety tips when being out in the woods during hunting season.

1) Wear bright colors and AVOID wearing white.  Wearing orange, white and yellow are among the best as these colors are bright and do not resemble earth tones.  The color white resembles the white on a deers tail and hunters may mistake you for a deer upon a quick look. It is even important if taking your dog hiking with you to ensure that it is also wearing something bright as to not mistake it for a wild animal.

2) Stick to trails-It is important during this time of year to avoid roaming off trails too often in the woods.  Avid hunters normally know the trails in the area they hunt and won’t go too close to trails where people may be hiking.  Just because it is hunting season doesn’t mean people should fear the woods, just exercise precaution.


3) Make noise-It is always good in general not to hike alone but especially during this time of year as talking with your companion and making noise by singing and whistling may alert hunters of your presence.


4) Make yourself known-Going along with making noise it is also important to make yourself known if you hear a hunter or gunshot.  Start talking louder so that the hunters are aware you are nearby.

5) Hike in parks where hunting is not allowed.  Many national and state parks do not allow hunting on their grounds.  If you are nervous of hiking in areas where hiking is allowed, seek out these areas near you that you can feel more safe.


  • MD Golam Rabbani

    Very helpful tips the hunter. While some people may view hunting as a harmless cultural tradition, in fact, hunting is a stubborn holdover from our country’s racist past. While many still consider it an annual rite of passage for white children to stalk through rural communities with loaded guns, it is a crime for a minority child to possess a gun in his urban neighborhood. A gun remains a traditional right for many boys in white, rural America, a tradition that would get a Latino boy killed or imprisoned in our cities. That we allow, even encourage, one segment of our population to run amuck with guns, while imprisoning others, is blatantly racist. Hunting — It’s bad for animals, it’s bad for America. Let’s stop HUNTING !!!

  • Sakil Hossen

    I love hunting a lot. This year me with my 4 other friends went for hunting and have a great time there. Thanks for the helpful tips. These will be effective next hunting period.