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Range Rover Sport: For the Sport in You

December 13th, 2013 by in Design with 728 Views

Talk of a sports utility vehicle and the first thought is Range Rover Sport. Designed by the most fastidious and astute of engineers, the meticulous piece of work can never pass you without you offering a second look. Ranging from its fast-paced cruise control system to magnificent electronic control unit – anchored with powerful devices, this monstrous model has carved a niche above the rest in the automotive world. Its engine anatomy is designed with such astonishing levels of intelligence that leaves tongues wagging. The interior features designed to precision with sophisticated technology are unfathomable. This one, we can bet, will give you a money back guarantee.

Developed for power and prestige. It’s dynamism in performance is a clear pointer that this model was designed and engineered with a goal of providing a machine with absolute dynamism within the Land Rover fraternity. It was built by raising the performance of Range Rover Sport to a whole new level. Boasting of extremely powerful engines, it is capable of delivering an unrivalled performance as well as driving dynamics. With fine-tuning done with tremendous accuracy and nous, it offers you a truly fascinating ride. Even the test programme crew will, undoubtedly, agree to the fact that S in the SUV (especially with Range Rover Sport) is more than just a prerequisite. Moreover, it gives you the confidence and ability to navigate and negotiate through corners.

Dynamic program, it gives you the capability to control and handle it with ease. Your balance, stability and control through corners is assured through a Roll Stability Mechanism in combination with a Torque Vectoring System. Additionally, the agility and lightweight of Range Rover Sport cannot be gainsaid. Featuring a structural body made of aluminium lends credence to its reduced weight, advanced safety performance, and increased agility on track – a second blink after it cruises past you and the distance is at least 300m.Modelled to conquer the real world, the Range Rover Sport provides an all-round performance and versatility of a kind. Tried and tested to the extreme of extremes; think of the German features of Nurburgring and the rocky terrains of Moab in Utah, this powerful machine can surmount the toughest physical barriers and unnavigable features of the world with optimal performance thanks to the automatically adjustable Terrain Response 2. This enviable feature puts it a cut above the rest in the motoring industry. Supported with an air suspension system on all the four corners handling it off and on-road is pretty dynamic. With a towing capacity of 7,716 pounds – this is more than impressive. Boasting of a control mechanism with trailer stability, the stability of the car when towing is more than certain.

The interior, there is ample space with rear compartment that is adaptable. With adjustable seating positions, it features a 5+2 seat arrangement with two seats tucked underneath the luggage floor compartment, ideally made for children or even teenagers. The furnishing and upholstery is spectacular.

It is fuel efficient with CO2 emissions reduced to 12%. It has the latest two-litre, four-cylinder engine that is turbo-charged. It is common with many European auto-dealers and loved by many UK residents. Possession of a UK driving licence is fundamental for every driver. This will keep you on the safe side of the law.