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Put A Ring On It (An Infographic)

February 13th, 2014 by in Finance with 53 Views

Jewelry is big news and even more so when it adorns a high profile celebrity. When a well known

face announces their engagement or wedding, there is an immediate scramble to see what the ring

looks like. We live in a superficial world nowadays and this is heavily influenced by the multitude of

paparazzi photographs that can be accessed. Furthermore, with the proliferation of social media,

there are many people posting photographs of celebrities and what they are wearing; thus feeding

the interest further.

This infographic explores a number of celebrity ring purchases. The money that has been paid for

some of these jewelry items is nothing short of phenomenal. It is even more interesting to learn

that even after paying out all that money, that some of these engagements and marriages don’t last.

Read through the infographic and gasp at the outrageous amounts of cash that some celebrities

have spent on their partners.