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Photos Of Nothing – The U.S. Government Shutdown

October 1st, 2013 by in Photography with 600 Views

Due to the U.S. Government shutdown, over 800,000 federal employees did not go to work today. This is the first time in 17 years the government has shut down, due to a dispute in a new budget. Obama says he is not budging on Obama Care, so this shutdown might last a while until the Republicans come around. The following are pictures of our national capital, and other federal run parks and building that have been closed today due to the shutdown.









  • Jessica

    Seems like its wasting a lot of time and money just putting up fences and signs!!!

    • http://www.interesting6.com/ Michael Six


  • Geofrey Bett

    Does it mean that people are not going to work?if so does it mean
    that they are not going to earn?and if so what will they be eating for
    the period the government is shut down?basically this is a waste of resourceful time.

    • http://www.interesting6.com/ Michael Six

      They could not figure out on a budget, so all unecessary personal are not to show up for work.

  • MD Golam Rabbani

    These pictures remind me one track of Michael Jackson. “The way you make me feel………………..”

    • http://www.interesting6.com/ Michael Six

      uh, what?

  • Kristen Trott

    Obama shutting down the government. It’s scary to think about how much time and money we are wasting by him being so stubborn. Is Obama Care worth it? Now we have to deal with so many other problems…people missing work and wages. I know it’s not as scary as it might seem but we need to get it together.

    • JeopardyGeorge

      Obama did not shut the government down, the TeaBagger Republicans did.

      • Kristen Trott

        The world will be a whole lot better when people stopped blaming things are Republican. Obama is holding onto ObamaCare because it’s the only thing he will “accomplish” in his presidency and he doesn’t want it to go away.

        • JeopardyGeorge

          Who else should we blame? The law was passed, SCOTUS okayed it, Obama was re-elected, and now, since stomping their foot and holding their breath until they turn blue over defunding the ACA, they’ve changed horses midstream and are going after SS, Medicare, and Medicaid.

          • Guest

            What an ignorant douche bag you are JG. Being a boilermaker was the intellectual high point in your life. A life squandered because of a lack of education. It’s not too late to take a civics class in night school.

          • JeopardyGeorge

            Hahahahahahahahahaha!!! That’s all you have? What a mindless, gutless twit you are. The truant officer is going to be knocking on your door any minute.

  • Papa1art

    Isn’t it strange that the people who caused the government to shut down are still getting full pay and benefits?