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Eight Amazing Shoe Designs For Ladies

If there is someone in the present world who does not wear shoes, then, perhaps he lives deep in the forest beyond the reach of…

By: | October 27th General 1,443 Views

Top 10 Scary Movies To Watch This Halloween

With Halloween right around the corner, everybody is looking forward to the fun and fear that surrounds the holiday. While people try to get scared…

By: | October 26th Entertainment 3,315 Views

The Most Extreme Halloween Decorations (32 Pictures)

Some people just love Halloween! These are the most extreme decorations we could find.

By: | October 26th General 333 Views

32 Really, Really, Really Awful Halloween Costumes

Since Halloween is next week, I figured I would make a post of the worst Halloween costumes I could find. Also check out the top…

By: | October 25th Design 669 Views

How Accurate Was “Back To The Future”

It is a little less than two years to go until the time that Back to The Future was supposedly taken place. How close did…

By: | October 24th Entertainment 1,319 Views

You Wont Believe Your Eyes – Odd Angled Illusion Photos

Get the right angle, then you get a perfect photo!

By: | October 24th Lists 1,232 Views

Awesome Examples of Video Game Grafitti

Some graffiti artists are extremely good. The paint some awesome pictures in public places. Mix in some video game themes, and this is what you…

By: | October 22nd Lists 457 Views

Funny and Unforgettable Car Moments (Gallery)

  The strangest things we have seen in cars on the internet. Sometimes people do ridiculous things.

By: | October 20th Lists 596 Views

The Kissing Bug
Six Deadly Animals That Can Fit Into Your Shoes

We all wear shoes and at times, we do it without checking them. There are some creatures that can fit into those shoes and before…

By: | October 20th Animals 1,890 Views

The Celebrity Voices Behind Cartoon Characters

You might be surprised that these celebrities voiced these characters!  I was shocked at a few!  

By: | October 18th Lists 830 Views

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