How to Secure Your Domain Name – 5 Tips to Follow

There is no denying the fact that a good website is indeed a prerequisite for providing pace and a competitive edge to your business. It…

By: | January 15th Tech 189 Views

The World Is a Beautiful Place

These photos are taken from around the world and show just a few of the most beautiful places on Earth.   Monument Valley, AZ Tibet…

By: | January 14th Geography 129 Views

Things That Absolutely No One Looks Good Doing

The next time you are doing any of these things, try and look cool. You will fail!       Read more at

By: | December 21st Funny, General 141 Views

20 Wacky Dating Sites

Ok so maybe these aren’t for you but there is probably one out there that is pretty perfect. Business in the front, dating…

By: | December 21st General 86 Views

The Creepiest Santas Ever

Santa is meant to be a friendly old man but these copycats give him a rather bad reputation.   He’s knows when you’ve been sleeping…

By: | December 21st Featured 321 Views

Best 2014 Life Hacks

Make your life easier in 2015 with these top tricks and tips for everyday life.      

By: | December 19th Featured 234 Views

The Best Tumblr Moments from 2014 (31 pics + 1 gif)

This year has been quite fun for the Tumblr community.   Dads being dads: The world’s greatest coral joke: The miracle of birth: Building a…

By: | December 19th Funny 202 Views

A View of the Universe That Will Blow Your Mind

When you see how Earth actually fits into the rest of the galaxy, you will be surprised how insignificant our small planet really is.  …

By: | November 18th Science 326 Views

The Most Epic Job Titles of All Time

These job titles will make you rethink what you want to be doing with your life.    

By: | November 17th Funny 181 Views

The 100 Strangest Meals From Around The World

These bizarre foods are eaten by different cultures and countries from around the world but they are a bit odd at first sight! Would you…

By: | November 17th Health 979 Views

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