The First Of Their Kind In The World

World’s First Digital Camera (1975): Created by Kodak’s engineer Steve Sasson In December 1975, Kodak engineer Steve Sasson invented something that would, decades later, revolutionize…

By: | March 3rd Featured 790 Views

X-Rays of Animals

These animal x-rays will surprise you. Cats would look so odd if they didn’t have ears.   1Moles have claws BIGGER THAN THEIR FACE.  …

By: | March 3rd Animals 847 Views

50 Stunning Photos

Very beautiful photos.

By: | March 1st Photography 5,845 Views

11 Jobs That No Longer Exist

Bowling alley pinsetters were young boys employed at bowling alleys to set up the pins for clients.

By: | March 1st History 936 Views

Celebrities Who Have Been Fired

Even big name celebrities have had downfalls over there careers. Here are the top names.

By: | February 27th Entertainment 1,446 Views

What If There Were Only 100 People In The World

What if the world scaled down to only 100 people. Interesting stats.

By: | February 26th General 800 Views

Examples of Smart Advertising

Sometimes company’s do everything right and have an advertising campaign that is so perfect, it goes viral!

By: | February 25th Design 1,496 Views

The History of Beer

Men and Beer – A Match Made in Heaven The global beer market had total revenues of $509,554.3m in 2012 and is expected to drive…

By: | February 25th Infographic 112 Views

Collection of Fascinating Pictures Part 8

An array of fascinating images and the story around them.

By: | February 25th General 1,124 Views

Work From Home — Is It The Future?

There have been a lot of debates and talks going on around the industry of telecommuting and working from home. Many prominent people, like Marissa Mayer…

By: | February 24th Infographic 72 Views

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