Old Photos That Reveal Something Interesting about History

These images offer additional insight into past events that shaped the world we live in today.

By: | October 28th History 1,511 Views

The Hilarious and Hairy Entries into the “World Beard and Moustache Championships”

The competition was held in Portland this year and was an event exclusively for men who took their “hair growing” abilities to the extreme with…

By: | October 28th Design 89 Views

Beer Trivia

We all love beer and it is good to learn a little more about this popular drink.  

By: | October 27th Health 433 Views

Odd Food Combinations That Look Pretty Damn Delicious

Many foods should not really be paired together but sometimes a weird combo ends up being very tasty. Banana Bacon Pizza. Cereal and Beer. Chocolate…

By: | October 27th Health 496 Views

Crazy Ideas That Just Might Be Brillant

These silly ideas may actually be good to try and they could even work.  

By: | October 27th General 569 Views

You Won’t Believe What These Bands Were First Called

Nirvana’s original name was… The Red Hot Chili Peppers’ original name was… Creed’s original name was… Matchbox 20’s original name was… R.E.M.’s original name was…

By: | October 23rd Entertainment 54 Views

Geeky Jokes for History Lovers

  (Napoleon was born in Corsica.)

By: | October 23rd Funny, History 1,404 Views

Riveting Worldwide Crime Facts

Very Intriguing facts about the world of crime. Most of these facts are unreal.

By: | October 23rd Geography 44 Views

Examples of Strong Woman

Woman can do amazing things. Here is a list of woman who are incredibly strong and noteworthy.

By: | October 23rd General 65 Views

People Who Have Incriminated Themselves on Facebook

Thanks to their stupid posts and messages on Facebook, these people managed to land themselves in some serious sh#t!    

By: | October 23rd Tech 74 Views

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