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Life’s Akward Moments (Video)

September 3rd, 2013 by in Funny with 305 Views

A walkthrough of daily akward moments that happen to everybody at some point.

  • Splash

    haha all of these are so true! I do the sidewalk tango on a daily basis :)

    • Flash

      That’s why I never walk on the sidewalk.

  • liz soliven

    Lol I always come to experience the invisible step, fleeing the scene and sidewalk tango :) really awkward

  • Sakil Hossen

    That video clip is fun to watch. Thanks BuzzFeed for bringing such wonderful piece of lifes awkward moment scenes video.

  • MD Golam Rabbani

    Full of fun. I enjoy it very much. We everybody is familiar with these moment. You can’t find anyone who didn’t face these moment ever. Interesting video creation.