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Introduction of Five Creative Concept Cell Phones

December 3rd, 2013 by in General with 419 Views

Just like with cars, designers often create “concept” versions of their ideas. Often manufacturers take design elements from these developer’s concepts. While super cool, these concepts are often merely inspirational.

Photo by Steve Jurvetson / Flickr

The Idea of It All

Rendering software can present a concept that looks convincingly real. It will be interesting to see how the enhancements recently in 3D printing technology affects the world of designer concepts.

What’s on the Horizon?

While these may be gadget fantasy at this point, here are five creative concept cell phones you will definitely find inspiring. Don’t hold your breath, some concepts never get past our imaginations.

Pull-Out Keyboards/Screens

  • The Scroll, the Nokia E10, and the Mobile Script concept phones all feature pull out, scroll-like, screens.
  • These screens are much larger. Great for visual media.
  • Often also a full keyboard, the larger size makes for easier typing.
  • When not in use the screen rolls up and is undetectable in the standard sized phone.

Like Glass

  • The Window Phone, the Kambala, and the AQUA created by Bon Seop Ku, are all clear. As in see through!
  • Whether using a conductive gel between transparent surfaces, or projecting onto an exterior, or other wizardry, these phones melt into almost invisibility.
  • For the use who wants a cool device but isn’t into flaunting it until you get up close.


  • The Disposable Pre Paid Phone, the PCOD (Personal Communication and Organization Device), and the Samsung Bracelet Phone, all of which wrap around the wrist, have flexible screens and keyboards.
  • The Sony Ericsson Ring Phone Concept is worn on the finger, which can then be held up to the head for calls.
  • The Finger Touching Wearable Mobile Phone projects the screen onto your hand, while being worn on the wrist.
  • These wearable devices are the becoming a reality, as much for fashion and gadget-pride than for functionality.
  • You are less likely to lose a device that you wear. It is hoped.

Alternate Power Source, Engage!

  • The Sticky Phone, so named because you stick it to a window, and the Leaf concept phones are solar powered.
  • They absorb sunlight through receptors on the phone. With the Sticky Phone, when charged, you simply peel it off the window and you are good to go!
  • The Mechanical Mobile concept phone by designer Mikhail Stawsky is charged by YOU!
  • There is a hole for your finger and you simply rotate it to charge it up. Similar to a wind-up survival flashlight.

Print, Project, Play

  • The Ply concept phone opens like an accordion for the camera and projectors, slides for a keyboard and gaming controls, and slips in some photo paper to print directly from the phone.
  • Several concept phones have a projection system.
  • This can be for personal entertainment viewing, or for business related presentations.

Bring on the Cool!

Were you wowed? Pretty impressive, huh? We predict the flexible screen, alternate charging sources, and wearability concepts are the next to make it to market. Keep it up designers, we all love these truly creative concept cell phones!


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