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Interesting Things To Do At A Drive Thru

September 3rd, 2013 by in Funny with 399 Views

The drive thru is a great invention, a way to grab a bite to eat without leaving your car. Here are some ways to order that will make your food run much more memorable!

  • Try building your own car
  • Go thru backwards
  • Order confusing items, i.e., “Hi, I’ll have a large orange Coke and a small medium fries, please”.

  • Drive through with a carload of naked people.

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  • liz soliven

    Lol they made use of a carabao instead of horse here in the philippines :)

  • Sakil Hossen

    Wonderful!! Each drive thru food order process I like pretty much but that horse ride one seems to me quite astonishing one. Thanks.