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Interesting Photos From History Volume #29

November 7th, 2014 by in History with 2,380 Views

Adolf Hitler visits the tomb of Napoleon at Les Invalides, Paris, France (1940)

Interestingly, Hitler had been planning a mausoleum for himself that would incorporate a sarcophagus similar to Napoleon’s placed in a large Pantheon-like structure with an oculus placed directly over the coffin, so that it would be exposed to the elements – thus “directly linked to the universe.”

According to legend, Napoleon’s tomb is laid out in such a way that to see the monument you are either on the lower level, looking up in awe at the emperor’s enormous sarcophagus, or “bending down” over the upper lever – bowing to Napoleon himself. The design of Ulysses S. Grant’s tomb was based off Napoleons’s as well.


A German dispatch dog carries messages to the front line during a German offensive in January 1918


Photo of neurologist Duchenne de Boulogne electrocuting a man’s face in order to study facial muscles. France, 1862


Confederate veteran, Billy Lundy, standing in front of an F-86 jet fighter in 1955


Human chess in 1924, St. Petersburg, Russia.



Bristol punks in 1980


The Tsar Bomba mushroom cloud in Russia seen from a distance of 160 km (99 miles). The crown of the cloud is 56 km (35 miles) high at the time of the picture October 30, 1961

Interestingly, Edward Teller (“the father of the hydrogen bomb”) calculated that this is pretty close to the maximumeffective yield destructive power you can get for a nuclear weapon. To double the destructive power, you’d need 8 times the yield. And eventually the bomb will just release most of the energy upwards, out of the atmosphere. I believe Teller reached the number 250MT as the highest effective yield, but I can’t find a source now.


ENIAC , The First electronic general purpose Computer, 1940


 An IBM Model 350 Disk File being delivered. Yes, that’s ONE hard disk drive unit – 1957

It had 50 24-inch disks contained inside a cabinet that was as large as a cupboard and anything but lightweight. This hulk of a storage unit could store a whopping 5 MB of data.



250MB hard drive circa 1979

Just 35 years later you can hold like 2 TB’s of porn in your back pocket

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