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Interesting Implementations of Solar Panels

December 10th, 2013 by in Engineering with 107 Views

Solar panels and clean energy are great for the environment. Having said that, they’ve come a long way over the last few years as new technologies and methods of using them are implemented. We’re going to go over some of the new, clean and interesting ideas that are being used with this green technology that is the future of power – hopefully.

Bonds backed by solar power

Over at the Tree Hugger website, they had an article recently about new bonds backed by solar power – which is a very cool idea that may help more individuals and companies invest in the alternative energy technology. The New York Times has reported that Standard & Poor’s is going to start allowing bonds based on solar power technology. Solar City is getting a set of notes that will hopefully raise around $54.4 million for the company.

Energy-Generating Parking Lots.

A company called Solar Roadways is testing out the possibility of creating parking lots that have solar cells embedded in them so that these wide open areas around the world are generating power rather than doing nothing. This is a very interesting idea on a lot of different levels, and it’s going to be interesting to watch the company and see what they’re able to do over the next few years.

Solar Pants to Charge Your Mobile

When technology and fashion come together, the results are usually really great. A company has made Urban Cargo Pants that are made out of a material that can collect the rays of the sun and give enough power to charge your smartphone or other small technology devices. The cool thing about these pants is that they’re machine washable which means you don’t have to worry about treating them special.

Solar Power Tents

The US government has been developing and testing tents that double as solar power generators. With the solar cells built into the material, it’s going to make generating power a lot easier for a lot of different soldiers. While still in testing, this is probably one idea that’s going to go mainstream quickly. Imagine being able to camp out and still enjoy having power in the middle of the wilderness thanks to the power of the sun.

Solar Camera Strap

As you know, digital cameras take up a lot of power. Another new and innovative idea for solar power has come up with a camera strap that has solar panels built in so that you can charge up your digital camera when you’re out in the field – at least if you have a good amount of sunlight available. If the price can be kept low enough, there’s a good chance that these will become commonplace with photographers and the technology may be adapted for other types of straps that can be worn.

Written by: Heidi Jones likes to look up UK Premier League Odds online in her spare time because she’s a huge sports fan. Now a days he is taking interest in drawing infographics.