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The Evolution of “The Job” – A look Into The Ever Changing Workplace

September 17th, 2013 by in General with 383 Views

Work has clearly evolved meaning today we have new technologies and behaviors in our organizations, which are largely being fueled by the consumer web and now organizations are trying to keep up with the changes. Organizations have adapted a more flattened approach in communication where anyone can speak and interact with anyone else. This is different from the traditional hierarchical model. There is no longer a barrier to keep people from interacting and engaging with each other because of their seniority level. Thanks to new collaborative platforms, this has become easy to do.

Flexible working hours

Working fixed hours, an employee is forced to work 9-5 hours continuously. Not anymore as employees can connect to people and information anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Working flexible hours is more appealing, provides greater job satisfaction, and helps employees with work0life balance.

Shared information

Sharing information is driving the future of business. A successful and progressive company understand that it’s critical for employees to share ideas, thoughts, and content. By sharing what they know and care about, employees have the unique opportunity to become leaders. We share information everyday on our personal lives on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. New technologies in organizations are making it much easier for employees to share relevant information with the right people. The days of hoarding are long gone.

Empowering and inspiring leadership

Fear-based leadership does not work anymore. It’s time for smart leadership. Smart leaders understand the concept of following from the front, that is, doing way with is deemed as obstacles from the paths of employees to help them work optimum and hence become successful. Many of our companies were created following the approach of scaring employees into doing what the leadership wanted. This is a failed approach to leadership. This way of leading has evolved.

Employees have the opportunity to create the corporate ladder

Today, employees have the unique opportunity to create the corporate ladder by sharing their expertise, passions, and interests in a very public way in their organizations. This way, employees get recognized for their contributions, become subject matter experts, establish thought leadership and ultimately shape their own career paths.

Working on the cloud

Cloud technologies have made their way into our organizations. Companies find it easier and cheaper to deploy social and collaborative tools to connect and engage employees with information. Team leaders are implementing cloud technologies in companies without waiting for corporate or IT approval. This just shows how it is becoming a must tool in any organization.

Connected and engaged working environment

Traditionally, organizations were siloed and fragmented meaning employees in different departments or geographies didn’t communicate and collaborate with one another, information wasn’t shared, content duplicated and it was impossible to find the right people and information to get the work done. Today, organizations have broken that barrier between teams and employees by adapting new behaviors supported and facilitated by new collaborative technologies.

You don’t have to work at the office anymore but you can work from anywhere

Today, employees simply need to “connect to work”. This means an employee can work from anywhere: a home office, a coffee shop, or in a cab while on the way to the airport. Many organizations have set up a satellite offices with just a single employee working from a home office or a co-working space.

  • mpbayo

    Wow! Sometimes is interesting to see how whe have evolved. Nice post.

  • Michael Flash

    Work is definitely evolving. But it has of course has to evolve with technology. How many jobs that were around in the 1700’s are still around today?

  • Jessica

    Many jobs are still around including farming, transportation and mining in some forms. They have just grown and expanded with the times.

  • Jim

    I hear in Europe, people are given a MONTH or TWO or THREE of vacation. Sounds like I need to make a transfer. I don’t even get a week.

  • Guest

    I hate working

  • Joseph John

    I’m a full time freelancer! and I just love the way I works!

  • liz soliven

    I agree to this! flexible hours are the best though sometimes information through cloud is not safe :) technology advancement develops every now and then and more and more people are working in the comfort of their homes

  • Sakil Hossen

    This entry is worth reading. Through reading this post anyone possibly could learn how workplace has been changing constantly and I really appreciate for writing up such brilliant post. Thanks.