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How To Cheat In College

October 30th, 2014 by in Featured with 275 Views

Have you ever noticed how the kids in school who never got caught cheating always devised brilliant, evil-genius-style plans to get away with it? These ideas potentially required more effort than just studying—but there’s something about “sticking it to the man.”

Stay Hydrated During Tests

All right, so you have to toss the calculator and the smart phone—those are dead giveaways. But what teacher would refuse his darling students a nice little sippy-sip of water? For golly gosh’s sake, you have to stay hydrated during a test. And where else are you going to set your water bottle, but conveniently right on your desk where you may or may not be able to see the inside of the label? The water bottle cheat sheet is a great idea. Maybe I would have graduated high school if I had thought of this.

You Have to Have it

You’d better have good eyesight if you’re going to try this one—the devious student in the picture above wrote a tiny, itty-bitty little crib sheet on some clear tape, and pasted it onto his pen. Pretty smart, since you basically have to have a pen in order to take the test. Just make sure that you don’t go through all the work of setting this up and walk into a pencils-only test.

Hey Baby, Nice Legs

“I swear I just wanted to see your cheat sheet!”

So that’s what the kids are calling it these days.

Long Sleeves Ain’t Just For Keepin’ Warm

And here you were, innocent little you, thinking that the only reason anyone would wear long sleeves is so that they can keep warm. How naïve. You know why all the so-called “smart” kids are always wearing collared dress shirts with long sleeves? It’s not because they’re nerds, it’s because they’re filthy cheaters.

Staying Hydrated Redux

Another spin on the water bottle cheat sheet, this time with what appears to be a 32oz cup, available at your local gas station. How refreshing.