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How NFL Players Spent Their Summer – Getting Arrested

September 11th, 2013 by in Entertainment with 661 Views

This has been a busy off season for many NFL players. From murder to DUI’s, players have been actively making this summer count. Since the end of the season, over 35 NFL players have either been arrested or charged for a variety of crimes. The most high profile of these crimes is the murder indictment of Aaron Hernandez, from the New England Patriots. The death toll rises if we include crimes committed during the second half of this last season. Take a look at this overview of the extracurricular activities of NFL players this past summer.

Eight Seasons of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell

This month, as teams gear up and head to the field, Roger Goodell enters his eighth season as the NFL commissioner. During his time as the NFL commissioner, Goodell has seen the league earn almost $10 billion in revenue each year, as part of a franchise that has consistently scored well in television ratings and is one of the top sports in the United States. This same period has also seen an arrest rate of, on average, at least one NFL player per week. All together, over the past seven years, there have been 395 arrests involving NFL players. This breaks down into 107 DUI’s, 84 arrests for disorderly conduct, 43 arrests for domestic abuse, and 34 arrests involving guns.

This does not mean that Goodell hasn’t taken measures to try and curb the arrest rate of players, instead, he has actually made serious decisions to deter players from behaving inappropriately off of the field. Seven months after becoming the NFL commissioner, Goodell increased the fines and suspensions for players that get arrested. At the same time, fines and suspensions could even be given to players that have not yet gone to court. His hopes were that this would not only deter players from getting into trouble, but also force teams to take the players’ character into consideration when deciding who to sign.

The measures taken by Goodell seem to have worked, when looking at the numbers. In the year before he became the NFL commissioner, there were 79 arrests. After his first year, there were a total of 66 arrests. The NFL finally saw a low number of arrests in 2012, with a total of 47; however, there have already been 43 arrests this year.

It would appear that the crackdown by Goodell is working, with fewer arrests each year; though, the percentage of arrests that are related to drunk driving has increased. Out of the 47 arrests so far this year, 29 are related to drunk driving. Still, the numbers are down and many in the NFL are quick to point out that not all arrests lead to convictions. Only 67% of the arrests result in a conviction. Additionally, only 2% of all NFL players end up getting arrested, compared to 4% of the general population. Showing that NFL players may still be more well-behaved compared to the general public.

Arrests are Down under Goodell

The high profile arrest of Aaron Hernandez and other major cases obscures these numbers. It’s easy to see several major cases and assume the franchise in trouble, until you put everything in perspective. If anything, the statistics show that crimes are down, except when discussing drunk driving. Maybe with some increased fines from Goodell, he can finally start taking care of those numbers as well.

  • Jessica

    I wonder if this is increasing over the years or if the proportion of arrests has stayed the same.

    • Michael Flash

      3rd Paragraph “It would appear that the crackdown by Goodell is working, with fewer arrests each year; though, the percentage of arrests that are related to drunk driving has increased.”

  • http://www.interesting6.com William Edward

    Oh how i missed football.

    • Michael Flash


  • No Name

    Label me a racist but how many of the 35 were white?

  • Sakil Hossen

    I think not only NFL players but most celebrity type of popular person like to remain in the controversial gossip through getting them arrested by doing wrong things. Anyway I enjoyed learning how NFL players are actually spent summer getting arrested.

  • MD Golam Rabbani

    When someone be a celebrity he or she has some responsibility. We can see follow the young generation to the celebrity. But if they do this kind of bad incident so, what should they learn from them?