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Four Ways Technology is Killing You

September 17th, 2013 by in Science with 486 Views

There are four common electronic devices which have negative effects on human beings yet it is impossible to do without them. The gadgets cause various diseases which vary from malignant growths to brain disorders.

To minimize the side effects, you are required to take necessary precautions while making use of the devices.


Most of the side effects resulting from use of computers relate to immobility and poor posture. Immobility results in obesity and heart problems over time while poor posture causes muscle spasms and back pains.

You are advised to practice good sitting posture when using a computer, also carry out regular exercises and minimize number of working hours.

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  • Harry

    I seriously would NOT be surprised to hear that cell phones and computers are giving us cancer. I guess we’re going to DESPERATELY need a cure in the future because just about everybody will die.

    Minus the Amish.

    But they’re awesome.

    • http://www.interesting6.com Michael Six


  • MD Golam Rabbani

    In this 21st century we are dare enough to run our daily
    life with risk. Not only with computers, cell phones, ipods or laptops. We have
    high health risk in our food, environment round the world too.

    It’s true technology we adept in every consequences in our
    life has some negative impacts. But to tell the truth we are now in such a stage
    that we can’t avoid those anyway. Yes, we have to keep in mind for getting
    pre-caution as much as possible.

  • liz soliven

    I think more like making you tired or stressed but not killing lol I should have been dead cauze I spend half my life with this things

  • Sakil Hossen

    All of these gadgets I’m being using since long time and at some point such four ways are effectively dangerous for user of these gadgets. I think using such device within the limitation is the main key to avoid killing consequences. Thanks.