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The Ten Best Fictional Laboratories From Movies and Television

September 20th, 2013 by in Science with 513 Views

None of these are real, however, all of these are very recognizable laboratories from some of our favorite T.v shows and movies.

The Batcave

 Dexter’s Labortory

 Dharma Intuitive from LOST

 The Portal Lab

 Jurassic Park Cloning Lab

The Tardis

Tony Stark’s basement

The RV From Breaking Bad

Star Trek Holodeck

Frankenstein’s Lab


  • jessie

    OMG. I used to watch Dexter’s Laboratory all the time. What was his sister’s name? I just remember she was SUPER ANNOYING. How great. Flashback from childhood!!!

  • MD Golam Rabbani

    CN was my favorite TV channel. I watched it all time when I was little. Today I come to know the laboratory name of that Chanel from here. Long live “Dexter’s Labortory”

  • Joseph John

    I use to hate DeeDee, the sister of Dexter.

  • Sakil Hossen

    These are very favorite and popular laboratories in movies and TV shows. I really like stark basemen laboratory pretty much. It’s like very cool from inside.

  • Claire Totty

    I love The Tardis, its 2 years older than am LOL. I watched Doctor Who from 1970 when i was just 5 and now my five year old grandson watches it. makes me feel old LOL