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Fascinating Photos Part 11

April 28th, 2014 by in Photography with 422 Views

Survivor of a Hutu Death Camp in Rwanda


Jimmy Page Dated a 14-year-old Girl (Lori Maddox) While He Was in Led Zeppelin

Lori Maddox was a part of the Los Angeles groupie scene beginning in the early 1970s. According to Maddox, Page became infatuated with her and had a roadie bring Maddox up to his suite at the L.A. Hyatt House. “(He was) wearing this hat over his eyes and holding a cane,” she remembered. “He looked just like a gangster. It was magnificent.” Maddox was, amazingly, just 14 when she met Page, though Page did what he could to keep the relationship hidden. The pair went on to have a torrid affair over the next few years.



A page from Francis Ford Coppola’s enormous “Godfather” notebook that never left his side while making the 1972 film. After reading Mario Puzo’s novel, the director removed each page and glued it a sheet with margins in order to make notes and observations for each scene.


Chinese slave labor plea, this time on a toilet seat cover. Toilet seat cover from office restroom in Redlands, CA. The toilet seat cover was a few sheets back when my friend saw it.

“China. Liaoning. WaFangDian. Detention Center. All the work here originates from the Detention Center All people detained here have no human rights The food we eat have ants and flies in it. Expired vegetables (could mean food in general). And there’s no oil at all! Also items for sale inside are up to 2-3 times more expensive than the outside”


Brett Favre getting the call on draft day, 1991


Giant Sword Monument in Norway


The tallest statue in the world


Students wear how much debt they are in on their graduation caps


A 39 year old Seinfeld with his 17 year old girlfriend in 1993


In Korea, they have Female-Only parking lots. The pink spaces are meant for women drivers, and give wider lots and more driveway space to park.


9 years straight of cocaine use


Dan Osmon, Free Solo FLAG


Grave of a gay Vietnam veteran


8 Years of NHL hockey


Halftime at Super Bowl I (Kansas City Chiefs’ Quarterback Len Dawson. He would later win Super Bowl IV in 1970 and be named MVP. Diagnosed with cancer in 1991 but still alive – he’s 78 now.)


Boston Celtics forward Brandon Bass at his swimming lessons

interesting pictures


Arcadia DJ Stage at Boomtown Festival

interesting pictures


The bladed fence around the Church Of Scientology’s unofficial prison in California 


Smog In China


I believe Valyrian steel was based on real life Damascus steel