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Eight Amazing Shoe Designs For Ladies

October 27th, 2013 by in General with 1,605 Views

If there is someone in the present world who does not wear shoes, then, perhaps he lives deep in the forest beyond the reach of civilization! Here are some of the world’s funniest shoe designs:


  • Dog Shaped Shoe Design

Do you love shoes, well, perhaps you will love wearing these dog shaped shoe designs on your feet!

funny shoes 1


  •  Pistol integrated shoes

Honestly, it is a wonder how someone can walk in such a shoes. Furthermore, it is no doubt that you will be feared by many should you make these type of shoes your favorite shoe designs.

funny 3


  • Banana Shoe design for ladies

These are perhaps for ladies who love bananas. However, take care not to walk into a zoo full of monkeys wearing these!

funny 6 banana shoes


  • Human feet shoe design

These are not only meant for ladies but the idea of wearing them can create chills into anyone’s veins. You will think you are wearing someone else feet! Take a look:

shoe 1


  • Dangerous Lady shoes

I will never wear this shoes any time of night or day. However, ladies who love adventure and do not fear danger can wear these shoes as they please!

funny 5


  • Horse Hooves Shoe Design for ladies.

Another set of amazing lady’s shoe wear that are not meant for the faint at heart! How, for instance does your foot fit into one of these?

horse hooves shoe design for ladies


  • Staged Shoe Design

These at least looks like normal shoe wear for ladies. However, the cobweb and their outward appearance makes them appealing for ladies who are daring and love uniqueness.

Staged shoe design for ladies.


  • Mirror Shoe Design for ladies.

Have you ever imagined of wearing mirrors on your feet? Some ladies have not only imagined but worn them! On my opinion, walking with these shoes is not my most cherished fantasy. I don’t think I would wear them even if they were the only pair on shoes left on earth. If you want them, here they are!

mirror shoe design.




  • MD Golam Rabbani

    Dog Shaped Shoe Design is the best looking from my view point. I would like to buy a pair of Dog Shaped Shoe for my girl friend. She must be happy to get it because she likes dog.

  • liz soliven

    Lol! would love to wear the one with gun heel :) the bare foot creeps me out!

  • Sakil Hossen

    Amazing shoe designs indeed!! My favorite is the Human feet shoe design. It’s look like very real feet of human. Cheers.