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Easy Exercises That Can Be Done Before Leaving The Bedroom

September 20th, 2013 by in Health with 613 Views

In our busy lives it is sometimes difficult to find time during the day to get in any exercise.  There are however some easy exercises that can be done before you even leave the bedroom in the morning. Like with any type of exercise program it is important to consult with your physician prior to beginning.

1) Child’s Pose

Sit back on your heels and bring your torso forward as far as it can so that you are still sitting on your heels with your forehead on the bed or floor.  Lower your chest down as close to your knees as possible and extend arms above your head.  Be sure to hold pose for 30 seconds to a minute and breath in and out.

2) Calf Raises

While brushing your teeth or getting your things ready in the bedroom in the morning tone your calves and glutes by standing with your heels together and doing toe raises.  This is done by lifting your heels off the floor at the same time as contracting your calves and your gluteal muscles.  Do 15-20 lifts per set with a short rest after and finishing with one more set until finishing your teeth or other activity.

3) Dips

If you have a chair nearby or if your bed is low enough to ensure a 90 degree angle at the knees, dips are another great exercise for working the triceps.  Once you are set up like the above picture, you begin to bend your elbow and lower your body down toward the ground until your elbows are at a 90 degree angle then return back up to the starting position.  This should be repeated 12-15 times with a 30 second break after then one more set of 12-15.

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  • Minnie

    The calves raises look like me trying to reach the top shelf at the liquor store. Always on my tip-toes. :)

  • Dully

    wow this is a novel wat to keep fit, get rid of the bulge and maintain cardiovascular fitness without bursting a sweat or really getting tired.

  • Geofrey Bett

    Wow interesting to learn these,my challenge has always been starting an exercise programme then sticking to it.I always give up somewhere on the way and especially if it involves some waking up in the morning.
    That tells you how lazy i am getting.These will definitely help me.

  • MD Golam Rabbani

    Free hand exercise is really best for our body. I usually didn’t take exercise as it’s very hard. But here I see some easy exercise. From now I will try to do these exercise before leaving my bedroom.

  • liz soliven

    Who would want to do this first thing in the morning? lol I so warm up first before taking any exercise, jogging is one of my favorite, really keeps my tummy flat lol