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E-Cigarettes Can Be Useful for Quitting Smoking

September 16th, 2013 by in Health with 229 Views

When the e-cigarette craze first hit the country, the makers had to make sure that e-cigarettes were promoted as an alternative to smoking cigarettes and not as a method to quit smoking. This may change as the latest research shows that e-cigarettes may be just as useful for quitting smoking as using a nicotine patch. A recent study by a group of physicians has performed the first test to see how effective e-cigarettes are as a smoking cessation aid.

Physician Run Trial

The study conducted by a group of physicians began with 20 people who were given either nicotine patches or e-cigarettes as they attempted to quit smoking after a six month period. Of those twenty people, one was able to completely quit smoking. Those numbers do not sound very exciting; though, the next phase of the trial was where physicians found some exciting information. People that used e-cigarettes, compared to those that began using nicotine patches, were more likely to cut back on the number of cigarettes that they smoked. The average e-cigarette user was likely to smoke half as many cigarettes as they previously did.

This does not provide concrete evidence that using e-cigarettes are more effective than nicotine patches; however, it does open up the possibility that the health community needs to evaluate the use of these electronic cigarettes a little further.

Electronic Cigarette Use is on the Rise

Over the past few years, the number of people that use electronic cigarettes regularly has sky rocketed. In France, over one million people smoke e-cigarettes daily. By the end of the year, it is predicted that sales of e-cigarettes could reach two billion dollars. While the health community may begin conducting more research on the use of e-cigarettes, there are many in the health industries that think treating them as medical devices will make them less effective.

By selling them as a medical device, the tobacco industry will continue their monopoly. People will be less likely to purchase them without a doctor’s recommendation. Many feel that if we are to truly find out if e-cigarettes are safer than real cigarettes, then marketing them alongside regular cigarettes, as they are now, is the best approach.

The Dangers of Smoking Electronic Cigarettes

Since electronic cigarettes are a fairly new product, there has not been a lot of testing done on what health risks come with smoking these electronic alternatives to tobacco. This has led to different restrictions in various countries. In France, the government is planning on placing a ban on the use of electronic cigarettes in public places, while in England; regulators want to list electronic cigarettes as a medical device.

After some testing, electronic cigarettes were found to contain heavy metals that are dangerous to the user’s health. Additional tests found trace elements of formaldehyde; though, this does not necessarily compare to the amount of chemicals found in regular tobacco cigarettes. In the end, it is each adult’s decision, whether or not they want to smoke.

  • Jessica

    I like that you put the dangers on here as well. As it is a newer product it may be years before they come out with concrete evidence for or against the use of these. When compared with smoking actual cigarettes it is not as bad however if one is using this to quit-it may not help completely.

  • BasketballDiva

    I had an ecig explode on a friend before. I’m amazed some public places ban these too. Strange. It doesn’t cause a smell. I guess it’s an image thing, then?

  • Joseph John

    One must have the dedication to quit smoking! otherwise, you will be still smoking no matter whatever anti-smoking products you are using..

  • MD Golam Rabbani

    Cigarettes is one of remarkable bad habit. Myself also a chain smoker but I hates smoking. I want to give up smoking several times but not success. Hope E-Cigarettes Can Be Useful for me to Quitting Smoking.