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Archive for the ‘Science’ Category

A View of the Universe That Will Blow Your Mind

When you see how Earth actually fits into the rest of the galaxy, you will be surprised how insignificant our small planet really is.  …

By: | November 18th Science 326 Views

The Beauty of Space

Star cluster Pismis 24 “In a single blinding pulse, a moment of glory much too swift and expansive for any form of words, the singularity…

By: | May 29th Science 1,064 Views

Awesome Chemistry Facts

Interesting Chemistry Facts Everyone Should Know (28 pics)

By: | March 24th Science 1,188 Views

Things That Are Just Simply Amazing

A gallery of things there are truly remarkable!

By: | January 24th Art, Science 517 Views

The Fastest Things In The World

A variety of pictures showcasing the fastest things on the planet.

By: | January 23rd Science 1,096 Views

5 Foods You Wouldn’t Think Were Healthy

The following are foods that you may not think were healthy, however, they are very good for you. 5) Pork Pork can be surprisingly healthy…

By: | October 11th Science 5,302 Views

Top 10 Future Technologies That Already Exist (Video)

You may have thought of these in your head, or saw these technologies on TV, however, they are real and  currently  prototypes and are being…

By: | October 9th Science, Videos 111 Views

Ten Uncommon Facts About The Coconut

I always thought the coconut is one of the most boring and lazy types of vegetation. They just sit high up in their tree baking…

By: | October 8th Science 669 Views

The dog in space
Animals That Were First To Space Long Before Man

Have you ever been to space? Perhaps not but did you know that several animals such as the duck, the rooster and the pig can…

By: | September 30th Animals, History, Science 512 Views

7 Historic Scientific Discoveries That Changed The World

Over the years various scientific discoveries have been made and each of them has changed the world in which we live in. It is not…

By: | September 23rd History, Science 34,963 Views

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