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The 15 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods In America

15. Baltimore, MD (E Oliver St / N Broadway) 1 in 12 chance of becoming a victim

By: | March 25th Lists 1,441 Views

25 Most Crowded Places On Earth

25 of the most grossly overpopulated places on Earth that will make your 1 bedroom apartment look like a 100 acre Ranch house!

By: | January 21st Lists 718 Views

You Wont Believe Your Eyes – Odd Angled Illusion Photos

Get the right angle, then you get a perfect photo!

By: | October 24th Lists 1,241 Views

Awesome Examples of Video Game Grafitti

Some graffiti artists are extremely good. The paint some awesome pictures in public places. Mix in some video game themes, and this is what you…

By: | October 22nd Lists 463 Views

PUBLISHED by catsmob.com
Funny and Unforgettable Car Moments (Gallery)

  The strangest things we have seen in cars on the internet. Sometimes people do ridiculous things.

By: | October 20th Lists 600 Views

The Celebrity Voices Behind Cartoon Characters

You might be surprised that these celebrities voiced these characters!  I was shocked at a few!  

By: | October 18th Lists 833 Views

Your Doing It Wrong – Collection of Funny Fixes

Why spend the money to get something professionally fixed, when you can just put some duct tape around it? It does the same job, for…

By: | October 16th Lists 1,481 Views

25 Interesting Facts About Random Things

If you are bored, why not waste some time browsing through this collection of 25 interesting facts! You might learn something by accident.

By: | October 16th Lists 1,825 Views

35 Examples of Extremely Bad Cooking

  These people might have to leave cooking to the professionals like Gordon Ramsey. These are extreme examples of terrible cooking and other Food Fails.

By: | October 15th Lists 3,130 Views

25 Best Help Wanted Signs

Because putting a up a simple “Help Wanted” sign wouldn’t be funny. The following 25 help wanted signs were the best we could find on…

By: | October 15th Lists 3,698 Views

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