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Archive for the ‘Health’ Category

The 100 Strangest Meals From Around The World

These bizarre foods are eaten by different cultures and countries from around the world but they are a bit odd at first sight! Would you…

By: | November 17th Health 1,010 Views

Beer Trivia

We all love beer and it is good to learn a little more about this popular drink.  

By: | October 27th Health 435 Views

Odd Food Combinations That Look Pretty Damn Delicious

Many foods should not really be paired together but sometimes a weird combo ends up being very tasty. Banana Bacon Pizza. Cereal and Beer. Chocolate…

By: | October 27th Health 504 Views

Apple Employees Have the Best On-Campus Meals (23 pics)

Caffè Macs, a cafeteria at the Apple head office in California serves employees with a wide variety of meals every day and the food looks…

By: | October 20th Health 362 Views

Ten Must-Know Facts about the Deadly Ebola Virus


By: | October 18th Health 94 Views

What Kids Eat for Lunches around the World

  Country: China Contents: A fish, scrambled egg with tomato sauce, rice, spinach, cauliflower, and soup Country: Buchach, Ukraine Contents: Soup, macaroni, pickle, bread, sliced…

By: | April 25th Health 2,091 Views

Excellent Home Remedies

Everyday items that will cure you.

By: | April 2nd Health 147 Views

Amazing Total Body Transformations

Shocking total body transformations. With a proper diet, and plenty of exercise, anything is possible!

By: | March 14th Health 2,237 Views

What Are Your Chances of Death?

Ever wonder what your chances of dying are? This list shows the top 25 ways to die.

By: | February 20th Health 79 Views

Endangered Foods You Thought Would Always Be Around

You take for granted plenty of foods that you eat everyday… But what if they are no longer available??

By: | November 14th Featured, Health, Videos 3,406 Views

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