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Archive for the ‘Geography’ Category

The World Is a Beautiful Place

These photos are taken from around the world and show just a few of the most beautiful places on Earth.   Monument Valley, AZ Tibet…

By: | January 14th Geography 130 Views

Typical School Classrooms from Around the World

This on-going series of photos entitled “Classroom Portraits”, is by photographer, Julian Germain and was started in 2004. The unique photo tour documents schools from…

By: | November 2nd Geography, Photography 589 Views

Stunning Landscape Photographs

The world is a beautiful place.

By: | October 31st Geography, Photography 668 Views

Truly Ridiculous Superstitions from Around the World

There are some pretty common superstitions that still hold power even nowadays; black cats, ladders, the number 13, all silly, meaningless things that hold unnecessary…

By: | October 29th Geography 88 Views

The Biggest Statues From Around The World

A rundown of the biggest statues from around the world.

By: | October 29th Engineering, Geography 387 Views

North Korea’s New Luxury Ski Resort

This new ski resort in North Korea looks like a perfect extravagant getaway for people who love to ski.

By: | October 29th Geography 550 Views

Riveting Worldwide Crime Facts

Very Intriguing facts about the world of crime. Most of these facts are unreal.

By: | October 23rd Geography 45 Views

Awesome Pictures of Earth From Space

German geophysicist, Dr. Alexander Gerst is living on the International Space Station and has taken the opportunity to take amazing photos of Earth while he…

By: | October 18th Geography, Photography 395 Views

The Beauty of Iceland


By: | August 23rd Geography 749 Views

Funny But Real News Headlines


By: | June 19th Geography 535 Views

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