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6 Cultural Differences Between Americans and Europeans

Europe, New Zealand, Australia and America are classified into the Western World, however, there is more to their cultural practices than you can imagine of….

By: | September 20th General 1,099 Views

The Five Worst Disney Villians

Scar Scar is a Disney character and the main antagonist in Walt Disney Pictures’ popular 1994 animated movie The Lion King. He ended up killing…

By: | September 19th General 604 Views

Things to Avoid Doing at Work

You may seem successful in your career, but only on the outside, not on the inside. The reality is you face a number of excruciating…

By: | September 18th General 311 Views

Extreme Photography – The Art of the X-Ray

Ever wonder what everyday objects look like on the inside? Artist, Nick Veasey has brought that to a reality. His unique style of photography includes…

By: | September 17th General 1,473 Views

The Smart Way To Deduct Your Student Loans

The cost of college education continues to rise and more and more students are taking on student loan. As a whole, we owe the country…

By: | September 17th General 270 Views

The Evolution of “The Job” – A look Into The Ever Changing Workplace

Work has clearly evolved meaning today we have new technologies and behaviors in our organizations, which are largely being fueled by the consumer web and…

By: | September 17th General 385 Views

Ten Incredible Quotes That Offer A Unique Perspective On Life

  A unique collections of quotes, along with images of the men who said them.  

By: | September 16th General 750 Views

How Money Fuels the Worlds Top Tennis Players

The U.S open recently ended with players having competed buy prednisolone tablets online. for a record $34.3 million in prize money, which is up 37%…

By: | September 16th General 272 Views

Shouting Down the Cell Phone
Five Habits That Are Ridiculously Annoying

As much as each of us has habits considered bad, it is important to note that human beings are different from each other and that…

By: | September 15th General 564 Views

Safety Tips for Hunting Season… So You Don’t Die

Its almost that time of year again when hunters go out into the woods and bring home some deer and turkey for the fall and…

By: | September 15th General 256 Views

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