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There Is Still Hope In Humanity (12 Images Gallery)

Below are 30 pictures that prove that their is still hope in humanity with these acts of kindness!

By: | November 3rd General 1,001 Views

funny shoes 1
Eight Amazing Shoe Designs For Ladies

If there is someone in the present world who does not wear shoes, then, perhaps he lives deep in the forest beyond the reach of…

By: | October 27th General 1,625 Views

The Most Extreme Halloween Decorations (32 Pictures)

Some people just love Halloween! These are the most extreme decorations we could find.

By: | October 26th General 362 Views

cheer leading
Top Six Most Dangerous Sports In The World

If you love your life and do not wish for it to end tragically, then, there are some sports that are not worth trying out….

By: | October 16th Featured, General 9,349 Views

The Most Haunted Places In The United States

Now that it’s getting close to Halloween and people are getting excited to go to haunted houses and haunted hayrides, why not consider going to…

By: | October 6th Featured, General 6,964 Views

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
The 4 Poorest Presidents In The World

You thought you were poor but did you know that at your current economic state, you may be richer than some of the presidents in…

By: | October 2nd General 2,042 Views

Festive Halloween Houses With Fun Facts

Much searching was done and I think I have narrowed down some of the coolest looking houses that have been decorated for Halloween.  My house…

By: | October 1st General 947 Views

10 Places You Have to Visit Before You Die

Everyone has their own travel bucket list. Who doesna��t want to travel the world right? For you to add more to your bucket list here…

By: | September 30th General 3,862 Views

The Internets Most Popular Optical Illusions

An optical illusion is when you see something that appears not as it actually is. Many images and illusions have gotten popular recently because of…

By: | September 23rd General 1,196 Views

An Explanation of the Worlds Top Religions

Christianity This is the largest religion in the entire world and has spread to every part; approximately 2.2 billion people around the world are followers…

By: | September 21st General 575 Views

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