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Archive for the ‘Funny’ Category

Summer Is Here!

Ways to tell that Summer has arrived!

By: | May 27th Funny 631 Views

Graphs That Are Funny Because They Are True

These graphs hit the nail on the head!

By: | April 22nd Funny 1,779 Views

25 Examples Of Awesome Teachers

Examples of teachers being totally awesome!

By: | April 16th Funny 1,234 Views

Totally Relatable Photos

Everyone can relate to these images.

By: | April 11th Funny 2,629 Views

What’s The Laziness Thing You Ever Did

The people of Reddit posed the question, “What is the laziest thing you’ve ever done?” And the responses did not disappoint.

By: | April 7th Funny 95 Views

They Have It Properly Figured Out! (42 pics + 4 gifs)
By: | March 22nd Funny 793 Views

If Alcohol Could Talk

You probably would not be surprised at what it would say.

By: | March 20th Funny 914 Views

Hilarious Uses of “Puns”

Sometimes they are hilarious, sometimes they are stupid.

By: | March 14th Funny 248 Views

Funny Construction Fails

They had one job! The funniest construction errors ever.

By: | March 13th Funny 2,606 Views

Simple And Smart Ideas

Simple and smart ideas that will amaze you with their simplicity.

By: | March 11th Funny 5,936 Views

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