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Image Courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter
Five Reasons Why 2015 Will Be the Best Year for Indie Films

Independent movies are special; they hold a certain charm in the fact that they abandon high budget motifs that rely heavily on computer effects and…

By: | July 6th Entertainment 2,250 Views

A Snapshot of the “Harry Potter Cast” Then and Now

These images show how much the Harry Potter actors have changed from when we first saw them at their first premiere compared to their last…

By: | November 5th Entertainment 702 Views

Uncanny Similarities between “Frozen” and “The Shining”

A fan took a closer look at these two very different films and found a ton of evidence that shows that they could actually be…

By: | November 5th Entertainment 95 Views

82 mind-blowing movies facts you probably didn’t know

1. Sean Connery wore a wig in every single one of his Bond performances. 2. Some Wookie suits were made from human hair. 3.  Arnold…

By: | November 4th Entertainment 422 Views

3 Examples of Movies That Were Much Better Than The Book

Sometimes the movie is just better!

By: | October 31st Entertainment 86 Views

Famous People Partying Together

Celebrities have a lot of friends among other famous people. Surely, they like to hang out and party together.   Salvador Dali & Walt Disney…

By: | October 30th Entertainment 4,388 Views

You Won’t Believe What These Bands Were First Called

Nirvana’s original name was… The Red Hot Chili Peppers’ original name was… Creed’s original name was… Matchbox 20’s original name was… R.E.M.’s original name was…

By: | October 23rd Entertainment 54 Views

Inside the Warner Brothers Studio Tour of Harry Potter (119 pics)


By: | October 20th Design, Entertainment 602 Views

The Set Designs From Mad Men Are Incredibly Awesome


By: | May 12th Design, Entertainment 103 Views

Game Of Thrones Cast Like You Have Never Seen Before

A behind the look scenes at the cast of game of thrones.

By: | April 28th Entertainment 672 Views

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