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Archive for the ‘Engineering’ Category

Difference between Stainless Steel and Ordinary Steel

Before we talk about the differences between stainless steel and regular steel, let’s define what steel itself really is.  This means steel like you would…

By: | January 17th Engineering, General 225 Views

The Biggest Statues From Around The World

A rundown of the biggest statues from around the world.

By: | October 29th Engineering, Geography 389 Views

Amazing Pictures Inside of a Nuclear Power Plant

A look inside of a nuclear power plant. It is so beautiful!

By: | April 14th Design, Engineering 1,279 Views

Worlds Most Awesome Yacht (30 pics)

This gorgeous vessel is a great getaway if you have $1.3 million to pay for weekly rental.

By: | March 15th Engineering, Tech 1,381 Views

The Worlds Craziest Swing

This swing is attached to a tree at La Casa Del Arbol, in Banos, Ecuador. It has an amazing view on the Tungurahua Volcano. The…

By: | March 12th Engineering 1,250 Views

The Most Extreme Skywalk Ever

An unique and awesome sky walk stretches over the Grand Canyon for an awesome overlook!

By: | February 9th Engineering 436 Views

The Strangest Weapons of WW1

In the golden age of invention, many ridiculous machines were used in order to fight. Here are some pictures of the best ones.

By: | January 19th Design, Engineering 5,686 Views

Range Rover Sport: For the Sport in You

Talk of a sports utility vehicle and the first thought is Range Rover Sport. Designed by the most fastidious and astute of engineers, the meticulous…

By: | December 13th Design, Engineering 730 Views

Interesting Implementations of Solar Panels

Solar panels and clean energy are great for the environment. Having said that, they’ve come a long way over the last few years as new…

By: | December 10th Engineering, Featured 107 Views

Fastest Cars-Agera R
The Five Fastest Cars Ever Built

It is often preached that speed kills, but the reality is we all love speed. As a matter of fact, that is why you have…

By: | October 10th Engineering, Tech 1,834 Views

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